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The Stellar® 1004 Tire Service Truck 

The Stellar® 1004 Service Body is a fuel efficient service body for metro, road, and light truck fleet tire service.

The automotive styling makes the Stellar 1004 a unique and attractive package to represent your company’s image. Built to mount on a Ford Transit and RAM ProMaster van chassis, the Stellar 1004 features aluminum and fiberglass construction to maintain a strong yet light weight construction. The aluminum frame and floors are formed and welded, and the fiberglass shell is impregnated with gel coat to match standard white chassis to provide long lasting, durable finish.  

The 1004 body comes equipped with large front compartments and drop down doors for maximum tool storage and un-restricted access. The longer horizontal compartments are ideal for air reels and fuel hose for road service applications.  

The Stellar 1004 can be mounted on a Ford Transit or RAM ProMaster van chassis with 82-83” CA. The body is 10 feet long and features a 49.5” wide load bed and 12.8” deep side packs. The load bed floor and walls are made of durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum.

* Available on the Ford® Transit or RAM® ProMaster® van chassis only.



Service Body Features

  • 10-foot long body
  • Corrosion proof materials
  • FRP Composite Exterior
  • Solid gel coat impregnated into FRP to provide long lasting and durable finish
  • Can carry 11 – 24.5” truck tires in load bed
  • Durable aluminum floor, wall and understructure
  • Four (4) tool compartments 

Optional items

  • 1300# liftgate
  • Hydraulic drive air compressor
  • Engine driven air compressor
  • Air compressor / 12V jump start unit
  • Air hose reels
  • FLR
  • Fuel caddy
  • 40-gallon fuel system
  • Tire inflation cage
  • Safety cones

Air Compressor Options

  • 12.5 HP gas-powered 2-stage industrial air compressor
  • Two-Stage Piston Hydraulic Air Compressor

Optional Stellar Air/Starter Pack
The starter pack includes the following features:

  • Stellar Model 600 amp DC Start-All with 12-volt nominal, 600 amp cranking capacity; 24-volt nominal, 250 amp cranking capacity
  • 20 HP 4-cycle cast iron Kohler gasoline-powered engine with low oil shutdown
  • 30-gallon capacity truck-mounted air receiver
  • 1/2" hose reel with 50-foot of 1/2" hose
  • 3/8" hose reel with 30-foot of 3/8" hose
  • Combination air filter, lubricator, and air regulator plumbed with the air hose reels

*All models are provided pre-painted white. Options include additional lighting, and custom matched paint.



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