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The Stellar 1302 Service Truck

The Stellar 1302 is the ideal, multi-functional tire service truck capable of meeting any size commercial tire dealer’s needs.



This unique 13’ aluminum body centers around an advanced use of design and materials. With a standard body weight of approximately 1000 pounds, maximized payload and better fuel economy are easily realized.  The 43” high x 96” wide body is designed to hold 3 rows of 8 standard truck tires. With the addition of 29” high rack extensions, you more than double the 1302 Elite’s tire hauling capacity. The 1302 Elite’s sub-structure is based around the industry proven extruded aluminum plank floor, designed to be stronger, more durable, and last longer than a flat sheet of deck plate floors commonly found on most tire service bodies.

The curb-side front vertical cabinet has standard 3/8” x 50’ and 1/2” x 50’ hose reels along with an air filter and regulator mounted to the top of the compartment for ease of accessibility. Options include a 2-drawer cabinet with a 15-pin socket rack and compartment lights.



Service Body Features

  • 13-foot service body will all aluminum construction
  • 43” high x 96” wide body is designed to hold three rows of eight standard truck tires
  • 26-inch wide front vertical compartments with jack boxes
  • Skirt-mounted halogen floodlights
  • Truck-Lite rubber-mounted running lights
  • Seamless 22” high sign panels
  • Extruded aluminum plank floors
  • Standard master control panel mounted in the cab
  • 72 cubic feet of storage

Air Compressor Options

  • Gas driven
  • Hydraulic driven
  • Rotary screw

Direct Hydraulic Liftgate Features (EDL 16-86 Liftgate)

  • Electric-hydraulic lift with 1600-pound capacity
  • Grip-strut platform provides non-slip footing
  • 34-inch loading platform
  • Dual cylinders for stable lift


1302 Optional tall rack/solid side for increased tire handling and longer sign panels for more advertising.


*All models are provided pre-painted white. Options include additional lighting, and custom matched paint.



1302 Brochure

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