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The Stellar 902 Service Truck

Stellar's 902 series is the ideal service vehicle for metro, road, and light fleet tire service.

Stellar Industries has created a new tire service body for the value conscious buyer in mind.  The 902 tire service body was created to give value minded consumers a high quality full featured service body with the ability to mount on a less expensive single rear wheel chassis.  Up until the 902 body was created tire dealers would have to buy a dual rear wheel chassis to mount their tire service body.  Most of these chassis were also diesel, which increased their cost dramatically.  With the 902 body, tire dealers can haul up to 10 truck tires in a full featured aluminum service body.  Stellar cut no corners in making the 902 body, we offer either a gas or diesel drive compressor mounted in the load bed and protected by a heavy-duty gate and lid.  We also feature not one, but two hose reels in the rear compartment with a filter and regulator.  Each body comes equipped with a 1300-lb. liftgate and an array of work lights to brighten even the darkest work zone. 



902 Service Body Features

  • 902 aluminum tire service body from Stellar Industries is designed for a single rear wheel chassis.  Tire service shops will have the ability to operate a full service aluminum service body while spending less money on a gas or diesel single rear wheel chassis.  This package is ideal for metro and road fleet service.

  • The exclusive 902 body is designed using advanced technology and materials.  With a standard body weight of only 960-pounds, maximized payload and exceptional fuel economy are easily realized.  The 64” high x 79” wide x 109” long body can carry up to 10 truck tires.  The 902 sub-structure is based around the industry proven extruded aluminum plank floor.  This design focuses on providing a stronger, more durable surface that out lasts flat sheet decking commonly found on most competitive tire service bodies.

  • The available hydraulic or gas engine driven air compressor is located in the front center of the truck bed.  A heavy-duty bulkhead and cover that protects the compressor from the elements and loads in the truck protect this location.  With our removable back gate and lid, it is easier to maintain and service, and provides a balanced truck.

  • The 902 body comes in two versions.  One with a jack box mounted just to the rear of the compressor with a side access door on the curbside of the truck.  The other version does not offer a separate jack box.  Both versions offer a 26”W X 64”H front curbside compartment and a 29”W X 64”H rear compartment.  The curbside rear compartment comes standard with one 3/8” x 50’ and ½” x 50’ hose reels along with a filter and regulator.  Options include pull out drawer cabinets, 12-volt retractable trouble light, 15-pin socket rack and additional floodlights.

  • The 902 body is equipped with a 1300-pound hydraulic liftgate with a grip-strut platform and folding rail tire stop.


*All models are provided pre-painted white. Options include additional lighting, and custom matched paint.



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