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The Stellar 904 Service Truck

Stellar's 904 series is the ideal service vehicle for metro, road, and light fleet tire service.


Three 904 models are available:

  1. 904 FAL - with hydraulic compressor
  2. 904 R4 - with gas powered compressor
  3. TS 904 - Stellar Air/Starter Pack and air system in diesel pumping



904 Service Body Features

  • The 904's entire inner structure is constructed of aluminum, making the body virtually corrosion-proof
  • The exterior is constructed of fiberglass with one solid gel coat color impregnated into the fiberglass to provide a long lasting, durable finish
  • The 904 can carry ten 11.00 x 24.5 truck tires in the load bed
  • The front compartments can be fitted with (3) adjustable shelves.  Durable plastic parts bins designed to fit the shelves are available to provide an organized storage system to store patches, valve stems, and other consumable service items
  • The 904 load bed is a full 49.5-inches wide and features ribbed aluminum side walls and floor for added strength and durability
  • The 904 utilizes (4) tool compartments to give you 56 cubic feet of tool storage.  Competitive models give you about 31 cubic feet of tool storage
  • Direct Hydraulic Liftgate


Stellar Air/Starter Pack
The TS 904 Tire Service Truck features a Stellar Air/Starter Pack. The starter pack includes the following features:

  • Stellar Model 600 amp DC Start-All with 12-volt nominal, 600 amp cranking capacity; 24-volt nominal, 250 amp cranking capacity
  • 20 HP 4-cycle cast iron Kohler gasoline-powered engine with low oil shutdown
  • 30-gallon capacity truck-mounted air receiver
  • 1/2" hose reel with 50-foot of 1/2" hose
  • 3/8" hose reel with 30-foot of 3/8" hose
  • Combination air filter, lubricator, and air regulator plumbed with the air hose reels

*All models are provided pre-painted white. Options include additional lighting, and custom matched paint.


The 904 Road Side Service Truck by Stellar Industries

The ideal service vehicle for metro, road, and light fleet tire service.




904 Brochure

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