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The Stellar Back-Pac Service Module

The Back-Pac is the perfect solution to those times when a full-blown service truck is too much but a simple pick-up truck is just not enough.


The Back-Pac is available in a self-contained gasoline engine driven unit. This unit provides a quick and easy interchangeability from truck to truck while maintaining a professional appearance for your business.

The gasoline-driven Back-Pac is designed to be the entry level module of the commercial fleet series. This unit includes a 12.5-horsepower gas engine driving a 23 cfm 2-stage compressor, as well as a 30-gallon air tank and an FLR. Only one air hose reel is offered with the gas-driven model (1/2" by 50-foot).

Dimensions are 28” (wide) x 41” (high). Approximate weight is 750 lbs. and has a quick and easy four-bolt installation.

Optional additions include a 1/2” x 50’ retractable hose with reel and compartment and an air filter / lubricator / regulator(FLR). The light package includes a strobe light, two floodlights and a tool compartment light.




• Self-contained gasoline engine-driven unit
• 28” (wide) x 41” (high)
• SGD-1323 or SHD-60 air compressor
• 30-gallon air tank
• 1/2” x 50’ hose reel
• Filter / Lubricator / Regulator (FLR)
• Wide storage space
• Flood lights
• Emergency light
• Unit only weighs 750 lbs.
• Easy installation
• Interchangeability from truck to truck
• Patent #6,065,942



Back-Pac Brochure

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