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Portable Fluid Skid

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The Stellar Portable Pumping System with Tank

Now the task of handling fluids regardless of location, can be done easily and efficiently. The Stellar portable fluid skid is a 400-gallon poly tank with a built-in air agitator and steel tubing frame with a lifting eyelet, for ease of removal. This system also includes an anti-freeze dispenser, moisture separator, regulator, hose, ejector and fluid pumping system.



To round off the system the poly tanks and skids include a locking lid.

The Stellar Portable Fluid Skid Features

  • Air driven pump (18 GPM)
  • Reinforced poly tank
  • Air agitator mixing system
  • Heavy-duty all steel skid
  • Single control valve
  • Heavy-duty lifting bracket
  • Optional fresh water rinse tank


  • Air operated
  • Low noise level
  • Self priming
  • Easy service (only four bolts)
  • Operate dry without any damage
  • No center housing to collect moisture


  • Dry weight - 700 lbs.
  • Dimensions - 86.23" L x 36.25" W x 47.74" H
  • Up to 30 GPM pumping capacity


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