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Mechanic Trucks

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TMAX™ Aluminum

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Propane Gas Service Truck



From the crane to the body, including the compressor and heavy-duty drawer sets - all components of the mechanic truck are built by Stellar Industries!

Stellar® CDTplus™

  • Stellar® Crane Dynamics Technology Plus™ (Stellar® CDTplus™) is a proprietary collection of revolutionary features that control, power, and monitor Stellar® cranes. The Stellar CDTplus is a combination of a handheld capacity alert communication system, a crane boosting feature, and the ability to function in safe mode.


  • The LCD display features operator feedback including real time load capacity, maximum distance with the current load, boom angle, and percentage of load. The boost feature allows a momentary increase in the capacity of the crane, and a Safe Mode to keep the crane and operator safe should a load indicating device fail to operate correctly.
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Redesigned Flip Sheave

  • Stellar Industries has introduced a newly designed flip sheave for its heavy-duty mechanics crane line. It features a bar style anti two-block activation system, which maintains its load block activation orientation whether in standard or tight confine mode of operation.


  • By pulling the flip sheave pin, operators can easily go from the standard load control horse head design that facilitates a higher loading angle, to a horse head configuration that can easily maneuver within tight or limited spaces.

Stellar® Tmax™ Bodies

  • Every Stellar mechanic service body features our torq-isolator crane support design and isolates the crane compartment from the rest of the side pack. Lifting stresses are transferred to the stabilizers and box-type subframe, not the compartment doors.


  • The TMAX Series bodies offer stainless steel billet style hinges, 3-point compression hinges and a rotating master lock system. Door hinges are secured with hidden fasteners making for easy service, yet maximum security.

Only Stellar offers the most complete mechanic truck packages.


The TMAX Aluminum Series is the latest evolution in mechanic service bodies by Stellar Industries.  This new series combines the proven crane carrying reliability of the Stellar® Torq-Isolator torsion box with its long standing success in aluminum service bodies.  Only Stellar has the unique historical core competencies to successfully bring these two metals together in one mechanics service body.  

Since 1993, Stellar has been the industry leader in aluminum tire service bodies to North America's fleet, agriculture, and off-the-road tire service markets.  The commitment to building lightweight, yet robust aluminum tire service bodies has allowed Stellar to become the #1 supplier of tire service trucks in North America.


In 2000, Stellar introduced its mechanic service body in the T1, T2 and T3 versions.  It featured the revolutionary Torq-Isolator crane compartment and torsion box.  The Torq-Isolator crane compartment provides the proven benefit transferring all of the forces of the crane to the chassis frame and stabilizer legs, not through the sidepack compartments.  

Stellar also introduced aluminum double-panel doors to the market in 2011. This advancement proved that aluminum construction could be both lightweight yet durable when utilizing superior design and construction techniques.  

Now, in 2017, Stellar is combining the proven strength of the Torq-Isolator system with tried and true design and construction techniques and history of success with both steel and aluminum service bodies to give the market the TMAX™ Aluminum Series of mechanic bodies.  The steel Torq-Isolator crane compartment and torsion box divert the crane loading forces away from the advanced aluminum sidepacks and tasks them with simply carrying the tools and equipment inside.

The aluminum side-pack design features 1/8” high strength aluminum floors and walls.  Stellar has the experience with aluminum construction to properly form, connect, weld, and support each compartment to maximize strength and tool storage capabilities.  

The TMAX Aluminum body also features the industry’s first aluminum extrusion compartment top.  The extruded top is formed of high strength aluminum and features two built-in accessory mounting rails that eliminate the need to drill holes in the compartment tops to mount equipment.  The advent of the built-in accessory mounting rails make mounting and relocating accessories a breeze.  This rail system also greatly reduces the chance of water intrusion into the compartments.  The extruded top also incorporates wire harness channels inside the compartments for easy installation and to keep wires out of the way.



TMAX™ 30K Aluminum Service Body

Designed to serve municipal markets, contractors, rental houses, light equipment dealers and others needing a service crane that lifts 5,000 pounds or less.  The Stellar® TMAX™ 30K Aluminum weighs nearly 100-pounds less than its heavy-duty counter part, the TMAX™ 30K Amunium and features aluminum side packs for increased corrosion resistance.


TMAX™ 1 Aluminum Service Body

The TMAX™ 1 Aluminum mechanic truck and service body was designed to meet the needs of public utilities, municipalities and construction companies requiring medium lifting range. tmax


TMAX™ 2 Aluminum Service Body

The TMAX™ 2 Aluminum mechanic truck and service body is perfect for mining companies, heavy equipment dealers and construction companies requiring heavy lifting at a longer range.


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TMAX™ Aluminum

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